Why are we involved?


 Melanie Nind: I am involved in this project because I am concerned about inclusive research. I have tried to do research inclusively and talked with other people too as part of a previous study. I have a good sense of the problems and when Barod people talked about TimeBanks I could immediately see the potential. I am interested to see if people, technology and ideas can come together to make real progress with some thorny challenges.    melanie_nind
  sarah_parsons Sarah Parsons: I am part of this project because I am very interested in how we might be able to solve the problem of involving people who do not work at universities in research projects. I have worked with people with disabilities in previous research projects. The issue about how to best support their participation always – quite rightly – comes up. I have talked to other researchers about this too and know that they have had the same discussions. I’m really interested in hearing from others about how we can design and develop an online TimeBank that might help to solve some of the problems.


  Andrew Power: I am interested in researching how people with disabilities experience their everyday lives and policy that tries to bring about change on the ground. It is often difficult to find or make contact with people to participate in research or to check their views on a particular issue. I am very aware that people often give up their own time to take part in research. I am hopeful that a TimeBank would encourage people to more freely participate and get something back in return. andrew_power
Clare Hooper: I am part of PRICE because I am interested in inclusive computer interfaces, in other words making websites and other software usable by everyone. I am also interested in understanding how technologies like the Web can improve people’s lives, by letting us build things like online TimeBanks. It would be impossible to do this well without people from a range of backgrounds and disciplines working together: PRICE brings those people together.
Barod Community Interest Company is a workers cooperative based in Wales. We grew out of the People First movement.

We believe in making public life inclusive for everyone. This includes making research inclusive.

We think it is wrong to say people are equal but then pay them differently or treat them differently.

We think a TimeBank may be a good way to put this right.

We are really happy that Southampton University liked the idea and wanted to work with us.