Why do we need you?

We need you because we are trying to build a TimeBank as a way help people to get in touch and help each other with inclusive research.

People might come forward and:

  • offer their opinions
  • help with writing grant applications
  • help with the research
  • other things

Importantly, if you put something in the TimeBank, you can take something back in return.

We welcome your views if you are involved in inclusive or ‘co-produced’ research as a:

  • researcher working with people with disabilities
  • self-advocate
  • disabled person’s organization

We also welcome your views if you are disabled and want to take part in inclusive research.

We need to find out what type of TimeBank system would help people to take part and enjoy using the TimeBank.

Maybe the TimeBank should be a website, or an app, or something else.

We cannot find this out by ourselves.

We want you to think about how you get in touch and work with other people to do inclusive research.

We need you to tell us about:

  • Problems or barriers you have faced
  • Your ideas about solutions or tools

We want you to tell us what design features would make the TimeBank easy to use.

We will know the TimeBank is easy to use if:

  • Anyone can use it
  • It is fun to use
  • People use it again and again

Feel free to share your ideas and comments with us in our Ideas Bank