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What is PRICE about?

PRICE is a project put together by a team of people from University of Southampton and Barod Community Interest Company. PRICE is a pilot project funded by the Web Science Institute.

The PRICE team

We are exploring whether an online TimeBank can solve some problems for people doing inclusive research with people with learning disabilities.

Inclusive research:

  • matters to people with learning disabilities
  • involves people with learning disabilities and academics working together
  • respects everyone involved

There are some practical problems with inclusive research:

  • There isn’t an easy way for people to meet each other and decide to work together
  • People in an inclusive research team often don’t get the same pay or status
  • There is often no money to pay for parts of the research, like writing grant applications

A TimeBank is a way of matching people who have something to offer with people who want something. We think an online TimeBank might solve some of these problems. To explore this idea we have been busy:

  • doing a lot of reading and thinking
  • listening to other inclusive researchers
  • listening to people who are good at making websites easy for everyone to use
  • developing a prototype Timebank to test our ideas and get your feedback.

Please take a look at our online prototype (links to new window). This is a draft site to explore the potential of an inclusive research timebank. Feel free to offer feedback as we want to develop  it further.

Have a look round this website to find out more.


Why are we involved?


 Melanie Nind: I am involved in this project because I am concerned about inclusive research. I have tried to do research inclusively and talked with other people too as part of a previous study. I have a good sense of the problems and when Barod people talked about TimeBanks I could immediately see the potential. I am interested to see if people, technology and ideas can come together to make real progress with some thorny challenges.    melanie_nind
  sarah_parsons Sarah Parsons: I am part of this project because I am very interested in how we might be able to solve the problem of involving people who do not work at universities in research projects. I have worked with people with disabilities in previous research projects. The issue about how to best support their participation always – quite rightly – comes up. I have talked to other researchers about this too and know that they have had the same discussions. I’m really interested in hearing from others about how we can design and develop an online TimeBank that might help to solve some of the problems.


  Andrew Power: I am interested in researching how people with disabilities experience their everyday lives and policy that tries to bring about change on the ground. It is often difficult to find or make contact with people to participate in research or to check their views on a particular issue. I am very aware that people often give up their own time to take part in research. I am hopeful that a TimeBank would encourage people to more freely participate and get something back in return. andrew_power
Clare Hooper: I am part of PRICE because I am interested in inclusive computer interfaces, in other words making websites and other software usable by everyone. I am also interested in understanding how technologies like the Web can improve people’s lives, by letting us build things like online TimeBanks. It would be impossible to do this well without people from a range of backgrounds and disciplines working together: PRICE brings those people together.
Barod Community Interest Company is a workers cooperative based in Wales. We grew out of the People First movement.

We believe in making public life inclusive for everyone. This includes making research inclusive.

We think it is wrong to say people are equal but then pay them differently or treat them differently.

We think a TimeBank may be a good way to put this right.

We are really happy that Southampton University liked the idea and wanted to work with us.


Why do we need you?

We need you because we are trying to build a TimeBank as a way help people to get in touch and help each other with inclusive research.

People might come forward and:

  • offer their opinions
  • help with writing grant applications
  • help with the research
  • other things

Importantly, if you put something in the TimeBank, you can take something back in return.

We welcome your views if you are involved in inclusive or ‘co-produced’ research as a:

  • researcher working with people with disabilities
  • self-advocate
  • disabled person’s organization

We also welcome your views if you are disabled and want to take part in inclusive research.

We need to find out what type of TimeBank system would help people to take part and enjoy using the TimeBank.

Maybe the TimeBank should be a website, or an app, or something else.

We cannot find this out by ourselves.

We want you to think about how you get in touch and work with other people to do inclusive research.

We need you to tell us about:

  • Problems or barriers you have faced
  • Your ideas about solutions or tools

We want you to tell us what design features would make the TimeBank easy to use.

We will know the TimeBank is easy to use if:

  • Anyone can use it
  • It is fun to use
  • People use it again and again

Feel free to share your ideas and comments with us in our Ideas Bank


Ideas bank


We would value your feedback on any and all aspects about the PRICE project (see ‘Why do we need you?’ page for more).

On this page, you can click on the ‘comment’ button below to leave your ideas, suggestions and even criticisms about the use of TimeBanking for inclusive research. Each comment that is left will help build up our ‘ideas bank’ and inform our research decisions.

Thank you for engaging with PRICE!