Twitter chat: Monday 2 March 10.00 – 11.30 GMT

Update after the Twitter chat:

Please keep your responses coming, using the hashtag #pricestudy if you are happy for us to use your tweet as data (more on this below). If you don’t use twitter, we also have an Ideas Bank where we would welcome your thoughts.

Original information about Twitter chat:

Welcome to the Twitter chat about TimeBanking for inclusive research with people with learning disabilities. A Twitter chat is chance to come up with ideas together on Twitter. A TimeBank is a way of matching people who have something to offer with people who want something. Inclusive research with people with learning disabilities is research that matters to people with learning disabilities. It includes and respects them. We are the PRICE project. PRICE stands for Participation and Responsible Innovation in Co-design for Exchange. This Twitter chat is acting as a focus group for the PRICE project.

In the project we are thinking of new ways to use the internet to work together and make sharing research skills and time easier. When we know what may work well we will apply for more funding to carry on our work. We need to find out more about how TimeBanks work. We can then understand how to create a good TimeBank. We think a TimeBank is good if many people have had a say in it and if it is designed by people who use it. The project is a collaboration between University of Southampton and Barod: for information about who we are, please see our ‘why are we involved’ page.

We are interested in what you have to say but it’s up to you if you want to take part. You might join in because you could use the TimeBank in the future and you will have helped make it. You can join in and change your mind later. You don’t have to say why. We will think about what you told us when we design the TimeBank. We don’t need your personal details and we can’t think of any bad or risky things for you in taking part. Do remember though that Twitter is public.

If you use the hashtag pricestudy (#pricestudy) we will use your tweet as data. By using the hashtag you are telling us that you have read this information and understand that you are taking part in the study – you are giving informed consent. We will treat your tweet as data. During the Twitter chat, we will tweet to remind you of this from time-to-time. We will use our website to tell you what we have done. We will thank people in our reports. We do not need to refer to you by your real name unless you want us to.

We have ethics approval to do this research (number 12660). If you are unhappy with anything about your involvement in the study you can talk our Head of Research at Southampton University by email or phone 02380 595058.

In the Twitter chat, we will ask three questions:

timebank q1

timebank q2 timebank q3