Announcing Re-Thinking Architecturally

It is our pleasure to invite expressions of interest for Re-Thinking Architecturally, EINS JRA2‘s second workshop on architecture and design. Our goals are to address the topics of architecture and design from multi-disciplinary perspectives. We wish to broaden thinking, bring fresh concepts and methods, and identify implications for design. We will be inspired by and build upon (but not be constrained by) the first JRA2 workshop, held in November 2012.

The workshop will have unconference-style open sessions. Particular goals are to:

  • Explore architecture and design from multi-disciplinary perspectives
  • Collect and connect methods, methodologies and exemplars
  • Explore the notion of architecture of the future internet
  • Draw out best practices from representative disciplines

The workshop will run from lunchtime on 22 to lunchtime on 26 September on Tiree, Scotland (a beautiful, remote island… with an airport!). We would like to host representatives of each EINS JRA, and it is important to have a diverse representation of disciplines.

To help us understand interest for this event and optimise the balance of attendees, please send expressions of interest to Clare Hooper (cjh [at] Expressions of interest should be no more than 250 words, and should specify: your name, job title, affiliation, own discipline(s), any disciplines worked with, JRA (if applicable) and motivation for attending.

We will provide 12 applicants with accommodation and full board; you need only arrange your travel.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.