Deutsche Bahn data (dpc4-2017)


June 26, 2017

Deutsche Bahn (Germany)


Deutsche Bahn collects lots of information covering all the main aspects of their business. They span from Rail network condition to business information to logistic aspects. Some information are provided through a real-time API.


All the data are published here: DB data portal.
This is a description of the datasets: details and
This is the description of the API: to APIs
Additional dataset are periodically added.
An english version is going to be produced by DB in the near future.

Attributes List
The following list is an extract of the most relevant information about the data for the challenge

  • Master data
    • Rail network DB
    • Station data(Addresses, GPS plus various additional information as length of platforms etc)
    • Opening times travel centers
    • Our entire operations location register (RIL 100/DS 100)
    • Service facilities
  • Business information
    • Real “historic” booking data from Call-a-bike and Flinkster (of course anonymized & without customer data) for 2,5 years
    • Network radar(availability of mobile networks from app measurements)
    • Air pollutant register/cadaster
  • Logistics
    • So far exemplary shipment data for 8 containers around the world from DB Schenker (location, temperature)
    • Data from DB Cargo(Aggregated à 10 trains per operating location per day)
  • Target data
    • Target data car position diagram/indicator
    • Target timetable Fernverkehr (long distance trains)
  • Real-time-APIs
    • Condition of elevators and escalators (works/not working) + master data (successor of the legendary ADAM-API)
    • Booking options of Call-a-bike and Flinkster
    • Actual occupancy of DB Bahnpark car parks
    • APIs to master data, i.e. station master data

Personal Data

Datasets do not include personal data

Geographic coverage


Level of aggregation

Raw data