imin Dataset (dpc2-2017)


June 26, 2017



imin offers to challenge winners free access to their API. This includes an availability API (Real Time), which supplies event data and a booking API, which allows events to be booked and paid for. These give access to data about physical activities and sports classes from providers such as Fusion Lifestyle Sports, Open Sessions and Go Mammoth Sports.

Dataset Size

~20 sport events and venues sources for a total of ~80k events each month.
The number and type of sources are constantly increasing and by the beginning of the acceleration time it is expected to be incremented by at least 50%.

Data format and storage
JSON format


  • Availability
  • Location
  • Scheduling
  • Classes

Geographic coverage
Great Britain

Data access


here is the link to the API documentation IMIN API

Data level aggregation
Raw data extracted from the multiple sources and enriched by the imin system